Bank of Prairie du Sac Online Security: Protecting You

At Bank of Prairie du Sac, your online security is our priority. We do all we can to protect you from identity theft and fraud.

Our Online Banking security system protects your accounts from unauthorized access by:

  • Identifying you as the true “owner” of your accounts by recognizing your username/password AND your computer.
  • If a computer isn’t recognized, you will be asked to verify your identity by responding to a telephone call or text message.  If your online banking password is stolen, a fraudster will not gain access to your accounts without access to your telephone as well.

There are steps you can take to make your online financial transactions more secure. Do you:

  • Change your password on a regular basis, but no less frequently than every 60 days?
  • Memorize your password or keep it in a safe place?
  • Utilize updated virus protection software on your computer?
  • Keep the computer system and programs current with security patches?
  • Take advantage of text and e-mail account activity alerts?
  • Respond to pop up windows unrelated to what you are doing while browsing the internet?
  • Have a firewall installed? And is it activated?
  • Only download and install software from reliable sources?
  • Backup your files?
  • Use secure passwords on your wireless networks?
  • Only use your own USB drives on your own systems?
  • Properly dispose of old computers and media?

There are several security best practices you can follow to make your mobile financial transactions more secure from malware. These include:

  • Install an antivirus app on both your personal computer and your Android mobile device and keep it updated.
  • Avoid installing Android* apps from third-party websites or unreliable sources.
  • Read the permissions requested by every application before installing.
  • Perform regular backups of data stored in Android* devices.
  • Protect devices with passwords.
  • Don't view or share personal information over a public wi-fi network.

Notify us immediately if you believe your account has been compromised. Contacting us by phone is the best way of keeping your loss to a minimum.

  • Internet Banking Service Notification: 608.643.3393 or at 1.800.685.9404
  • Bill Payment and Presentment Service Notification: 608.643.3393 or FIS at 800.823.7555
  • Written Notification: Bank of Prairie du Sac Attn: Internet Banking Service PO Box 130 Prairie du Sac, WI 53578

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.