Building Relationships For Life:

Tools of Marketing, Inc.

Marietta Reuter has been in the marketing industry for 31 years. In 1995, she founded a promotional product distribution company, Tools of Marketing, Inc. She envisioned being a catalyst for businesses to tell their story. Marietta recognized the power of promotional products that are used by virtually every business in America. The growth of this billion dollar industry is a powerful example of how products create a lasting message for advertisers. “Promotional products are tools to communicate who you are and what you offer,” said Marietta. The company has successfully filled a marketing niche in our local community. It has received several accolades including seven Culver’s Circle of Excellence awards. They have expanded to serve over 1,100 customers with 12 employees. The team is focused on helping businesses develop lasting relationships with their own customers.

It takes a driven personality to successfully manage a small business. For Marietta, this developed at an early age growing up with six older brothers and two sisters. “I felt like anything they could do, I should be able to do better. I think it’s important to empower women,” said Marietta. This outlook influences how Marietta leads her team which currently consists entirely of women. They operate everything from shipping to sales in-house. “Marietta provides a work environment that enables us to grow professionally and personally. She is truly an amazing individual and leader,” said Amanda Taylor Bischoff, sales representative.

For the sales team, customer satisfaction is priority. They help target the right product for the best value. With access to countless items on the market, sample packets are delivered regularly at no cost to clients. These packets are an opportunity to showcase the latest technology. From pens to electronic devices, products are constantly evolving and becoming more personalized. The industry has shifted toward four-color processing and full-color graphics. “Our goal is to find the product that will help you grow your business. If your business is strong – the community is strong,” said Marietta.

Marietta believes lasting relationships are built through community involvement. “When I started my business, I immediately joined our local chamber of commerce. By joining, I went from six clients to over 97 in my first year,” said Marietta. This growth is a direct reflection of her engagement with local organizations and businesses. Marietta is a volunteer powerhouse with a lead-by-example attitude. She works with over 10 local organizations including the Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce. Whether professionally or personally, she encourages those around her to give back. For example, the Reuter family organizes an annual holiday cookie sale to benefit the Sauk Prairie Area Food Pantry. With a large team of people, including her sisters and sister-in-law Dena Ballweg, they bake over 20,000 homemade cookies. The fundraiser began six years ago after volunteering with her youngest daughter, Martina, at the local food pantry. “We volunteered during November and there were no Thanksgiving turkeys for families. It was upsetting to Martina – she was determined to help,” said Marietta. Martina’s passion fueled Marietta’s drive to find a solution. The fundraiser now generates over $6,000 for the local food pantry where the money is converted to food vouchers for families to buy meat for their holiday meal. Marietta’s volunteer efforts are making a lasting impact in our community.

Marietta is passionate about the community and she values excellent customer service. When selecting a financial institution, it was important that her bank focused on both. “My father banked at Bank of Prairie du Sac and we did too as children. We continue to bank here because I’ve never felt like a number – I’ve always been a name,” said Marietta. From the personal bankers to the mortgage officers, she has developed trust with the team. For example, someone attempted to cash a fraudulent check on her account. Before honoring the check, Roxi Maier, senior vice president, alerted Marietta of the suspicious activity. “With that phone call, we discovered someone burglarized our home and stole checks. That’s customer service! That’s why we bank here,” said Marietta. When she started her business, Marietta trusted Bank of Prairie du Sac as her financial partner. “You had trust in me that my business would succeed,” said Marietta. The foundation of the 30-plus year relationship is trust and a commitment to service. Bank of Prairie du Sac and Marietta Reuter have built a relationship for life.