Making Change in Our Community

Making Change One Dollar Bill Voting Slip

At Bank of Prairie du Sac, we do more than make change for our customers, we strive to make positive change in our community. Every year we donate thousands of dollars to local non-profits to support this goal.

This year we are asking for your help.

We want you to tell us where to put our donations this year. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Attend the Cow Chip Parade on Saturday, September 2nd.
  2. Get a voting slip from Bank of Prairie du Sac as we walk in the parade.
  3. Bring the voting slip to our office during the month of September. (View our office locations)
  4. Choose a non-profit organization you want us to donate to, and place your vote.

Voting stations will be set up in our offices during the month of September. Each vote slip turns into a one dollar donation from Bank of Prairie du Sac.

Choose from the following non-profit organizations for your vote:

  • Good Neighbor Clinic
  • My Neighbor in Need
  • St. Vincent de Paul Sauk Prairie
  • Sauk Prairie Area Food Pantry
  • United Way - Sauk Prairie

One vote = One dollar! Every dollar makes a difference. Just imagine the amount of change we can create in our very own community!

Everyone is welcome to vote, no strings attached. Only the listed non-profit organizations are available for voting, no additions or substitutions may be made. No copies or duplicate slips will be accepted, only original slips. Donations will be made to each organization based on the number of votes received within the voting period ending September 30, 2017.